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Your Personal TV Cloud

Wouldn’t it be great to watch and record Live Sports, News and the best New TV shows the same way you watch Netflix, Amazon or Hulu? With Simple.TV you can.

Simple.TV is a lovely little box that sits on your home network, connects to an aerial antenna, and records live TV to storage that you attach. Using our sleek apps on iOS, Android, Roku or your PC/Mac, you can watch live TV, record your favorite shows, and watch them anywhere - at home or on the road. *

Setting up is easy

  1. Antenna icon Attach an Antenna
  2. Hard Drive icon Plug in your Hard Drive
  3. Eye icon Sit Back and Watch

Television In Your Pocket

What if you had a TV remote that you never had to pass to change the channel? What if you could find all your favorite shows and never search painfully though a grid guide? And what if that TV remote let you watch on the big screen when you’re at home - or right on it when you’re on the road (or just hiding out in the garage)?

Simple.TV is the Ultimate Remote

With our apps, you can find your favorite broadcast TV, watch it on your phone, or push it to the big screen**. And up to 5 family members can all watch Simple.TV at the same time - no more fighting for the remote.

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Now Playing On The Big Screen

Watch TV on the Best Screen - Wherever you Are

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Whole Home DVR

Simple.TV is your own private TV server, dishing up great live and recorded TV to up to 5 of your friends and family at the same time - no matter where they are*.

Suzie watches her favorite show on her phone. Jonny takes over the big screen to watch last night’s late show. Mom catches up on the news on her iPad. Dad checks the game during the commute. One Simple.TV can deliver live and recorded TV to you whenever and wherever you want it*.

What Can I Watch?

Chances are, the best looking HDTV is available to you for free.

Most of us don’t realize it, but broadcast TV is available - free - to more than 90% of the U.S. population. It might seem like a retro way to get TV, but it’s the best kept secret ever.

Plug in your address below, and let’s see what you’re likely to get with Simple.TV and an HDTV antenna.

See what's available in your area
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Oh, The Cash You'll Save...

6 Months
1 year
2 years

*Estimated average savings for U.S. customer who cuts cable TV, but keeps broadband, Netflix, Hulu Plus and buys a Simple.TV

The Cable Alternative

Stop Overpaying for TV.

If you’re like most people, you’re paying for TV shows you never watch - on a crappy rented DVR with a horrible user experience - searching for shows you can’t find - until you give up and go read a book (the Horror!).

With Simple.TV, you get the best broadcast TV - the shows you’re most likely to want to watch and record. And with a little help from our friends at Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, you’re probably going to get everything else that you could ever possibly want to watch.

Simple.TV + Netflix + Hulu + Amazon give you more than cable. For a whole lot less. Get going with Simple.TV. You’ll save thousands.

Service Please!

Simple.TV’s Premier Service is designed to make your TV life even easier. With Premier, you’ll get remote access to Live TV and recordings when you’re away from home, download-to-go + capability, and “set and forget” recording of all your favorite shows.

Basic Service Premier Subscription
Watch, Pause & Record Live TV Check icon Check icon
Record 2 Shows at the Same Time*** Check icon Check icon
Record TV Episodes Check icon Check icon
Get TV Show Details & Images Check icon Check icon
Whole-planet Remote Access Empty check icon Check icon
Automatic Series Recordings(get the whole season) Empty check icon Check icon
Pause & Resume on Select Devices Empty check icon Check icon
Offline Viewing for Mobile Devices(download-to-go) coming soon Empty check icon Check icon
Early Access Pass (see the new features before everyone else) Empty check icon Check icon

Get It!

Ready to get one of our awesome Simple.TV DVRs? Choose from one of our bundles below.

Hardware Options

We’ve partnered with Silicondust to deliver the ultimate streaming TV server. Designed as a bridge between your aerial antenna and home network, Simple.TV's dual tuners capture live HDTV and let up to 5 family members access live and recorded shows wherever they are.

NOTE: Simple.TV does not include internal storage or an antenna. You’ll need a good HDTV antenna and a USB hard drive to store your shows.

1Dual ATSC tuner input
2USB 2.0 connection for external storage
3Ethernet 100Mbps connector
Dual tuner

Simple.TV by SiliconDust (Dual Tuner)

Basic DVR & In-Home Streaming – Premier Features Not Included
$249.99Add to Cart
Simple.TV and One Year of Premier Service.(auto-renews annually)
$299.99Add to Cart
Premier Lifetime
Simple.TV and Premier Service for the life of your device.
$399.99Add to Cart

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